Translate JSON with DeepL


Translate your JSON structure selectively with Simpleen translation and DeepL. Discover how to handle different subformats like HTML and Markdown within your data and translate them accordingly.

High-performance Webseiten


Beste Leistung für Ihre Webseitenbesucher durch elegante Lösungen mit innovativen Technologien in der Software-Entwicklung.

Bring your own data


Discover new possiblities with webproducts and websites that are generated from your individual content and provide your website users with true added value.

Combine Apollo Tooling and Gatsby for Type Safety


To further improve the developer experience of GatsbyJS among TypeScript users we created a plugin called gatsby-plugin-codegen. It can be used to generate TypeScript definitions and validate the queries.

To support a faster, safer and more reliable way to write these queries I highly recommend using the Apollo VSCode Plugin as well as TypeScript with code generation.